Husband – Wife Relationship ???

The most complicated relationships of all, Husband-Wife relationship. Till today nobody has able to solve the mystery of this typical yet beautiful relationship. I was told by people, when I was getting married, you will see dear that after 1 year of your marriage, you will feel that whatever you wanted in your life is not there. It does not even exist. Life will become monotonous and dull. Love will be history and you will be drowned in the day-to-day activities of life. You will be amazed and horrified to see the power of “The Female” in your life.

After I got married and successfully completed two and half years, still I listen from people those same old stories. I wonder how people make such comments and laugh. I laugh at them and say guys, I am the one who not only loves his wife, even after 2.5 years of marriage, but at the same time beautifully carrying out the responsibilities of a husband. I dont say I do everything perfectly but at least I give it a try and makes this relationship as beautiful as possible.

Life is very complicated and we “so called civilized people” make this life and specially this relationship complicated. Simplicity is the best policy. It gives you positive results. We forget life is much more than just maintaining this relationship. There are so many things to do together.

The funda is very simple, try to understand your spouse and act accordingly. I have been in love for 10 years with my childhood girlfriend before I got married to her. I have tried and tested some relationship formulas, which I had prepared, and was successfull most of the time.

Maintaining good and healthy relationship requires 2 things, Commitment and an element of surprise. If you have both that you are master of any relationship. You need to mix few elements here and there and you will see that things are falling in place. Your spouse is happy with you, less complaints and better living conditions at home (there is no place for perfect relationship as it does not exist).

I have tried to understand my better half all my life and still I am learning new things about her everyday. Sometimes I get negative results, even if my formula was successful last time. Actually there is not fixed formula for this. You need to think out of the box every time mixing the elements here and there. You need to remember, try doing things differently every time, all the time. This makes life beautiful and relationships better and stronger. You will see the difference yourself and will not regret some extra time being spent on thinking and doing things for your spouse.

The relationship problems between husband and wife can be seen in the light of the following relationship complications:

  • Too many expectations – Having too many unreasonable expectations from your spouse. Nobody is perfect, so why expect your life partner to be so. You should think highly of your spouse but they are human with their own tendencies to make a mistake. Try to avoid keeping your expectations too high.
  • Good and Regular Physical Relationship : One should exercise regular sexual encounters with spouse and be open about it. If this is not exercised, there is bound to be problems.
  • Conflicts – Do not jump into conclusions about the relationship every time you have a conflict. There are ways to resolve it, and the best of which is allowing time to pass.
  • Anger : Never let anger to take over in the relationship. Start counting numbers when u r in anger.
  • No compromise – Not willing to compromise is one of the most prominent causes of conflicts between husband and wife.
  • Male ego – At times, it is the man’s ego that gets the better of even considerations of a happy married life. It affects the relationship in a major way. The wife’s self esteem becomes very low when the male ego comes in between. The distance men can create by this often turns out to be irresolvable.
  • Time spent together – This is one of the critical factors in the success of a husband-wife relationship. You need to balance between the time spent with your partner, and the time you need to spend alone. If your partner enjoys more time with you, make sure you give him or her that. There should be a mutual agreement on this important issue.

Any more suggestions guys ? ? ?

4 thoughts on “Husband – Wife Relationship ???

  1. Wow. I am amazed at all of the “advice” you were given before you married. And I applaud you for your simplicity. I think your list is reasonable as well. I think if you have 2 like-minded people it can work – and it doesn’t have to be torture. Thank you for your refreshing take on maintaining a relationship. Cheers.


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