Educated but Uncivilised


India is a great country and I am proud of being an Indian. I certainly don’t like the way some people behave here and throw themselves around. This article is dedicated to those idiots who I call “Educated but Uncivilized Creatures”. This breed is very dangerous for any country and can ruin the lives of other people around them. They think that they have rights to do anything they want and can buy anybody with their money, always talk bullshit and never ever consider anybody’s problems.

I consider myself an honest and sincere citizen. Always follow traffic rules even when the policemen is not in sight, always park my car at the appropriate place, follow lane rules, never litter, treat people with respect and talk in a decent manner to any body.

There are people who belong to this breed “educated but uncivilized” and can do the most nonsense of things, some ridiculous, funny characters and incidents mentioned below,

1)      A guy who was behind my car in heavy traffic and honking like nuts. I wonder why people do this kind of shit activity when they know people around them cannot move an inch.

2)      A good and decent looking family in a train eating in 1st class of train and littering quite generously and without regrets. These are the worst variety as they are useless and making their kids useless too.

3)      People who does not obey signals in traffic and are always responsible for jams. These are really stupid and dumb people as out of hurry they try to zoom past the traffic in wrong directions and usually end up with a big traffic jam around them. Still these people will curse people around them and honk for spaces. Policeman approaching them with fine usually end up saying sorry as the dad or uncle is a powerful man.

4)      When a person is talking loudly over phone. It seems the person wants to modulate his voice so much that it can reach the other person without phone. Stupid people can’t increase the volume in their mobile. If you are talking over mobile nearby than it’s hazardous as you wont be able to hear anything.

5)      A guy who will come straight to counter even if there is a big line and will fight with other people if they say anything. One of the most common types. Doesn’t understand everybody is on hurry but other people have planned and come in line with taking some time in hand on the other hand u r exactly opposite and creating ruckus.

6)      There is one variety of human beings who will spit and litter everywhere as if they own this country and still curse government for being lethargic and useless for not developing ways to improve cleanliness.

7)      People who does not even listen what you wanted to communicate. They will talk on and on and on. Never realize that whatever they are talking is bullshit and no body gives a damn to it unless and until they are dependent on you.

8)      There are some of these kinds that never put mobile phone on silent mode especially in movie theaters and hospitals. They will even talk to each other and over phone in between movie and even on their mobile phone loudly. I have some times encountered people who are watching a movie for the 2nd time and will tell about the movie beforehand in over excitement. Just imagine there can be this kind of people as well. Amazing world.

I hate these people and never give attention to these idiots but unfortunately living among them and encounter them from time to time. In-fact, I oppose these people wherever I can. The most important fact is that these people are responsible for making our life miserable. I wish god gives them some sense so that they can understand what they are doing is not right.

Hoping these people will understand the importance of a responsible citizen some day and my country will be a better place to live in….

4 thoughts on “Educated but Uncivilised

  1. since i have my children in my care and training for a limited time, one of the things i work hardest at is teaching in the areas you are frustrated by the lack of. manners. thoughtfulness of others and their property. thinking of the consequences. taking responsibility. self-control. it feels like an endless lesson sometimes (and probably for them too) but i have one shot. they are turning out to be very likable and thoughtful children though so i believe it’s worth it. i always want to encourage parents of young children not to give up when i see them teaching lessons over and over. –kris


    1. True. Completely agree with you. My son is 2 years old and I have started putting these common senses in him and be a good citizen and person. How old are your children now ?


      1. carry on! 🙂 my children are 8, 11 and 15. my 15 year old is my nephew turned son. i have to say i really enjoy my kids. and i know a big part of it is holding strong on boundaries when they were really young and being consistent with following through on discipline. it is so hard at times because it feels like repetition without reward, but it is worth it! 🙂


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