Waiting is the worst possible thing that can happen to anyone. It takes a toll on your patience and can make your day miserable.
In my job it’s a normal thing. I m in sales n I wait for customers, trains, planes, taxi and the list goes on n on.
Right now I m waiting for an important customer while he is enjoying his lunch.
Anyway waiting is now a big part of my life.
Most of the people look at waiting as a negative thing.  I m also in sync with those people but being an optimistic person I always look for positivity in everything.

Waiting also allows you to catch up on important things which were pending and u had no time to finish those. 

You can always

increase your activity on social networking sites n also catch up with old friends. 

You can work on the presentation, reports, your resume to name a few. 

Waiting also gives me a piece of mind as I think about what am I doing in life and is it worth doing it. In fact most of my life important decisions were taken while I was waiting for some or the other things.

You know if anxiety is subtracted from waiting than you will have one of the best break from your routine n fast life. You will have sense of calmness in your behaviour. 

Well people can give lots of logic on waiting but my mantra of life is being cool n whatever I m doing n always look for positives in my life.
People always calls me Mr. Cool n I love this tag on me.

Signing off !!!

It seems my waiting got over as my customer has called me !!!

A Visit to Dentist


I had feared dentist all my life. 32 years passed and I never had to visit a dentist in my life.

Sometime back I started feeling pain in my tooth. I never cared for it

One day I was eating nuts and something cracked.

I said WTF with lot of pain

It was my tooth which broke down after spending 32 long years with me. Few days I spent with lot of pain in my tooth and gum hoping that it would fade away soon and never dared to visit the dentist. My face was swollen from one side and I was unable to bear the pain.

After a night long harassment by my tooth which resulted in a spoiled night at a hotel, I told myself with a lot of courage to visit a dentist the very next day.

I told myself

lets try it,

May be it’s a minor thing and will go away as soon as the doctor work on it.

I somehow slogged on and on to survive that night and finally slept at around 2 am but to my bad luck I had to be awake at 5 to catch a train for 6 am. I spent 1.5 hours of journey again with pain in a train.

So after the “Pain in Train” I reached home, got fresh, took appointment after heavy lunch and went to meet a dentist in the afternoon hours.

images (1)

Fortunately when I reached doctor’s clinic it was empty as it was close to lunch time. I was the last patient before lunch. I went inside a lady doctor asked me to lie down in a special kind of bed and open my mouth.

This was it !!!

Now there was no turning back

She cleaned a little something which was stuck inside my teeth and to my horror it was broken little small irritating tooth which was resting peacefully between my tooth and gum

A small tooth caused this chaos and made me visit a dentist.

Had an X-Ray which showed my tooth 80 % broken with cavity setting in.

The result


The tooth had be to taken off !!

I was fearless till that moment but the above result kicked my head like a superb Beckham take a shot and I went to a tizzy.

The stage was set for 6 pm the same day and I was asked to be there after few test in the afternoon. I ate my favorite snack, thinking it may happen that I wont be able to eat anything solid for few days at least.

I reached at 5:45 pm at the clinic. There were already few patients lined up for the same doctor. Doctor came at 6 and asked me to come inside. My heart beat went steep upwards with the delirious anticipations.

I was asked to lie down again in a different room now and it was a different doctor. Now it was a male doctor. Thought to myself, Thank god this time I wont be embarrassed thinking about bad smell or ugly teeth.

So the sequence of events started…

The Doctor asked me to open my mouth to have a look at the target. He reconfirmed for the extraction and I exclaimed YES. He asked me to relax and open my mouth wide open. Pulled in 2 injections right inside gums for local anesthesia.

I almost fainted as it was shocking and painful which came without warning.

They left me for few minutes and started talking to a lady patient who was lying in similar conditions few meters away from me.

She had three tooth extraction.

I smiled and reassured my soul. You have just one to take out.

One side of my face was numb now as anesthesia was taking over my senses slowly. Doctor came and asked

Are u ready ?

I just smiled back and held my breath in anticipation.

images (2)

He started with his state of the art equipment (one equipment was to pull out the tooth and other to hold my mouth open and few others like a pipe to suck the wetness inside mouth and a blower), trying to pull out the three roots of my single tooth. It was painful as hell. I almost cried with few drops of tears came out, when the doctor was trying to take out one part of my tooth. I shouted instantly

I am feeling pain

Doctor replied

Its not pain, its just psychological impact of you coming in to a dentist clinic

After feeling the same pain next time I asked doctor to use anesthesia again and doctor gave me two more injections.

Same place with no pain due to anesthesia.

After this doctor worked on my mouth with his assistant like a artist for half an hour. I felt no pain but could imagine the pain and felt helpless.

Doctor sew the place after the extraction and said

Its Done !!!

I felt like I am a winner in a race or has won a war.

Left the special bed and went to doctor’s chamber where he instructed me what TO DO & WHAT NOT,

My left side of the face was swollen and it felt as if one side is my face and other Hulk’s.

Thank god in the end my tooth was out and hopefully now there will be no more visit to the dentist for the rest of my life as I have decided to take very good care of them and pamper them so that they don’t punish me the way they did this time.

Few Indian Men !!

I chose this topic as I wanted the world to know that few Indian Men are one of the best breed on this earth. A rarity not available anywhere else but only in India. While most of the Indian men are making this country’s life miserable, some men like us are trying to clean the shit these people are spreading.

I am talking about one special kind of men who have specifications and features with special abilities. Few excerpts,

  • The men believe in living with parents and taking care of them from the day they start earning. They are very close to their parents and believe in living close to them physically as well. I went out of home when I started college and lived for 13 years outside but at the end came to a city very near to my folks abode and I am loving it.
  • We believe in traditions and try to adapt to the environments which has been created by our people from very old time. Now I have seen that people are trying to reject the negative things and adapting the positive ones from other cultures.
  • There are some people who still believe in arrange marriages and think that their parents will choose best for them. We are not that kind anymore. Love marriages are very common these days and people prefer a mix of modern and traditional partners who are bound by a  set by society and live in it, raise kids and live happily (although with lots of ups and downs)
  • Our kind still work hard (6 days a week) and take care of home, kids and wife as well. We can cook well, raise kids and do all kind of work required at home.
  • We party like there is no tomorrow but responsibly; never get out of control as there is always thinking at the back of our mind that we have responsibility in form of our kids and wife along with parents. This is the reason why we like to party at home where we can get drunk and have fun as much as we want.
  • We try to spend lots of time with our family. Close Friends are connected by phone and internet only but sometimes when we meet once in 6 months of year we try to make most of it. There is no place for fake friends but neighbors are always there for company. We love to mingle with people and make really good friends.
  • Our life has not heard a word “rest” as we are always busy, especially on Sunday’s taking care of home issues. We are autobots of Real Steel, programmed for everything, not interest in social life, me time. We are always busy for others around us.
  • We don’t believe in breakups, divorces and spoiling relations. We try to adjust ourselves and keep pushing for things to work out amongst us. In short we believe in making healthy relationships not spoiling them for pity issues out of indifference, egos and attitudes.
  • Our wife’s are really our better half. They take care of us and with us all the time, in every decision and most of all support and protect us. They dedicate their lives to their family but party hard when it comes to give a company to their husbands.
  • Our forefathers have made few mistakes such as considering women as the weaker gender, man: head of family, idiotic traditions binding us all e.t.c. We Indian men have a lot to clean up and we are trying every day to set things in order to make a better society.

I guess the list goes on and on but we Indian men are trying everything to sort things out and make our life simple and easy to live in the society. We expect our future generations to live in a free country where there are no boundaries and a place where there is no body telling what to do and what not to.

Let’s hope the day comes when all of us believe in these things and make life beautiful for ourselves as well for others.



My first game of Golf

It seems like a dream come true. Golf was a complex game for me since childhood which had different types of sticks, funny names, beautiful balls and number of holes.

I never understood the game and thought why people waste 3-4 hours to complete the game and in between eat twice and sometimes thrice while walking around the bush. Although golf has lots of beautiful landscapes in some of the finest clubs I have ever seen, still the game was not attractive enough and never appealed to me.

I joined my current company in year 2006. I was entrusted with the responsibility of managing a product display booth during a company sponsored senior golf game in one of the best clubs in eastern India. It was pretty boring as there were only old guys coming to my stall after their game. It was a three day event and I was really bored with nothing to do. The only respites were beer sessions after the game. I had to wake up at 4 in cold December month to reach the club by 5. Waking up early is a curse for me. I just can’t get up early and I hated it. The year went by with the event got over and subsequently 3-4 years with no involvement in golf at all.

A mail came to me one fine day for a golf training sessions and I said yes to it as some of my close friends were also joining it. We reached the training area were given some info with some hands on training. This started a bit of enthu in me about the game.

After few months I was in the organizing committee for a golf event and on the second day when every team had teed off, we started our first game to be on safer side. This was accidental as we got the kit along with caddy from the club free of cost, courtesy our great golfer friend and colleague.

We started 4 ball game with 2 of us had no experience and the other 2 had few games experience. Started tee off with a ground shot made me nervous at start but thanks to my caddy who gave wonderful tips which in turn boosted my confidence and my shots started going in the right directions with good elevations. 1st two holes were like a dream with perfect scores and picked the game very well.

DSC_1915 Tolly 2 tolly1

Some blunders of the day,

1. One of our teammate had lost 8 balls in that game. He was always on the woods.
2. Lots of ground shots were played which later caused lots of back and shoulder pain.  I was unable to move properly for the next 3 days.
3. Twice a major hit to the other golfer missed. Thankfully, but we learned some safety aspects.
4. Sand bunkers were really irritating and caused 3-4 extra shots as we were unable to get the perfect elevation.
5. Score cards looked very funny as it had all kinds of numbers.
6. The 18 hole game was completed in record 6 hours and we all failed terribly in most of the areas.
7. Our caddies were also exhausted and irritated as we wanted to play 18 holes after 9 holes of failure.
8. Huge bunch of grass were unearthed that day with all our sticks going green. Thank god club people were all busy in arrangements of lunch.
9. Last few holes were toughest as we were exhausted and unable to walk.
10. We laughed like anything on each other and I guess this day will be remembered as the laughing day other than my first game.

Liking for the game started after completion of the game. I finally understood its not just about hitting balls. It’s about skills, strategy, patience, courage, competition and much more. Had few more decent games after that and started loving it. Now if you ask me about it, I will say Golf is one of the best game in the world and I love it.

Hoping for more to come !!!!

Educated but Uncivilised


India is a great country and I am proud of being an Indian. I certainly don’t like the way some people behave here and throw themselves around. This article is dedicated to those idiots who I call “Educated but Uncivilized Creatures”. This breed is very dangerous for any country and can ruin the lives of other people around them. They think that they have rights to do anything they want and can buy anybody with their money, always talk bullshit and never ever consider anybody’s problems.

I consider myself an honest and sincere citizen. Always follow traffic rules even when the policemen is not in sight, always park my car at the appropriate place, follow lane rules, never litter, treat people with respect and talk in a decent manner to any body.

There are people who belong to this breed “educated but uncivilized” and can do the most nonsense of things, some ridiculous, funny characters and incidents mentioned below,

1)      A guy who was behind my car in heavy traffic and honking like nuts. I wonder why people do this kind of shit activity when they know people around them cannot move an inch.

2)      A good and decent looking family in a train eating in 1st class of train and littering quite generously and without regrets. These are the worst variety as they are useless and making their kids useless too.

3)      People who does not obey signals in traffic and are always responsible for jams. These are really stupid and dumb people as out of hurry they try to zoom past the traffic in wrong directions and usually end up with a big traffic jam around them. Still these people will curse people around them and honk for spaces. Policeman approaching them with fine usually end up saying sorry as the dad or uncle is a powerful man.

4)      When a person is talking loudly over phone. It seems the person wants to modulate his voice so much that it can reach the other person without phone. Stupid people can’t increase the volume in their mobile. If you are talking over mobile nearby than it’s hazardous as you wont be able to hear anything.

5)      A guy who will come straight to counter even if there is a big line and will fight with other people if they say anything. One of the most common types. Doesn’t understand everybody is on hurry but other people have planned and come in line with taking some time in hand on the other hand u r exactly opposite and creating ruckus.

6)      There is one variety of human beings who will spit and litter everywhere as if they own this country and still curse government for being lethargic and useless for not developing ways to improve cleanliness.

7)      People who does not even listen what you wanted to communicate. They will talk on and on and on. Never realize that whatever they are talking is bullshit and no body gives a damn to it unless and until they are dependent on you.

8)      There are some of these kinds that never put mobile phone on silent mode especially in movie theaters and hospitals. They will even talk to each other and over phone in between movie and even on their mobile phone loudly. I have some times encountered people who are watching a movie for the 2nd time and will tell about the movie beforehand in over excitement. Just imagine there can be this kind of people as well. Amazing world.

I hate these people and never give attention to these idiots but unfortunately living among them and encounter them from time to time. In-fact, I oppose these people wherever I can. The most important fact is that these people are responsible for making our life miserable. I wish god gives them some sense so that they can understand what they are doing is not right.

Hoping these people will understand the importance of a responsible citizen some day and my country will be a better place to live in….

Liebster Award

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award!  Miya thanks a lot. It really feels great to be nominated for something, specially for awards.


People you can find Miya’s blog on Travel, Music and fighting poverty @ http://miyaautumn.com

It has been a great experience, since I have started my blog few months back.  learned new things and made new friends here.

Here are the answers to the questions asked by Miya.

1.      Why did you start blogging, and what do you love most about it?

I always wanted to write a book but my writing skills were not good, so chose an option of blogging by accident. Now I love blogging and it feels great to share your experiences and admired by people. Also wanted to make friends, who share similar passions and interests. Above all its love about writing.

2. In which country would you most like to live? Why?

In India where I currently reside in. The reason is simple. I am a big foodie and cannot live without the food available here.

2.      What was your greatest experience in life up to now?

It was on 10/11/10 exactly at 5:15 pm when I took my son from the doctor just after his birth. I just fell in love with the little one. Since then I am having the best experience of my life.

3. For which character traits do you admire other people the most?

I guess Honesty and Integrity along with Care for others.

4. What does music mean to you?

Music makes me feel peace for an agitated mind at the same time keeps me in good mood after a bad day.

5. Which is your favourite language? Why?

Hindi, my native language as it makes me feel connected to people specially family and friends.

6. Who/what does most inspire you?

A word of praise and an instant success inspires me the most. If you have to choose a person than I will definitely choose my wife. She gives me enough reasons for inspiration in life.

7. What is your favorite dish?

It’s “Idli-Sambhar”. I think it’s the best dish in the world. It’s a south Indian dish which can be eaten at all times and most important, it’s very tasty and healthy too.

My nominations for the Liebster Award are:






Questions for nominated bloggers:

1. When and Why you started your blog ?

2. What is the best thing about travel and why ?

3. What is your source of inspiration and why ?

4. What comes in your mind when you close your eyes and why ?

5. Whats your blogging goal in the year 2013 and beyond ?

To accept this award, please:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and share a link to that blog.
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  3. Answer some questions from the previous blogger and choose new ones for your nominees.
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