Made for each other !!!

Don’t remember the exact timelines but let me say that the memories are still fresh in our minds. I was 12 and she was 9.  I moved from a different city to Bilaspur. We were neighbors but in different schools and in complete different environments. I was a student who used to be in the last rung of the educational staircase. She was a topper in her school and was admired by the people in her surroundings.  We were indifferent of each other’s existence, may be due to 3 years gap between us or it was due to the small age we were in.

Chapter 1 : Initial Days

Till the age of 16, I was not even aware of her being so near to me until the day our school ending timings became common and we started coming by the same bus. The school bus used to pick our school’s students first and then her’s.

I was a shy boy and she was a smart, bubbly, witty and the most beautiful girl by any standards. On the bus I used to sit at the second last row with one of my friend and she at the last row with five or six of her friends, chatting and laughing. I use to glance at her time to time, never dared to stare while she was indifferent, busy in her own girlie world.

Few days this continued and I told myself its enough, so I mustered all the courage I had and planned to get down from the bus on her bus stop.

First day of our proper interaction, we were walking to our respective homes from the bus stop. It was a mere ten minute walk with kiddish talks.

I realized how beautiful she has become. She had short hair (a boy cut) , fair complexion, brown hair and eyes, a blend of beauty with cuteness, a girl who was the most beautiful one I had ever seen. Her name was Anusha.

The time fled in a flash that day. Came home realized she is my neighbor and lives so close to me. I had a tough night and waited for the next walk of ten minutes again. When she boarded bus the other day I had an enormous feeling of excitement in my mind and a strange smile which cannot be explained unless you are in same situation.

This went on for a year and we became good friends. She used to take advantage of my shyness and trick me in various awkward moments. She seemed way ahead of my league as she was a A grade student and I was C grade student with not so good performer in studies.

We used to ask each other about how the day went, studies, favourite actors, sports stars and the list went on and on.  We were discovering each other every day. I was sure that she will not like me initially but she seemed interested for that ten minute walk, courtesy her anger on me every time I bunked my school.

My house was on first floor and hers was at the ground floor. To have a glimpse of each other we used to spend hours waiting in our respective gardening areas as well in terrace.  The study time was no different as we changed our study timings and places to have a glimpse of each other.

The time flies and waits for nobody. I don’t remember how fast that year went of our lives. Fate had its way, our school time changed and I shifted to my new house which was 100 yards away from hers. We lost those ten minutes of interaction as well as the slight glimpse advantage and now we were apart by a significant distance with no interaction at all.

Chapter 2 : Love in Progress

When everything seems lost, there is always a new beginning. We were apart from each other with everything lost. I was busy in our new home settlement and my engineering entrance preparation and she was still at school. We didn’t have any clue about life especially love.

I was having a “me” time in my terrace lost in my thoughts suddenly saw a glimpse of her 100 yards away and started looking for her while she was taking a walk for the next hour from different angles in a manner in which I was invisible(at least i felt i was Invisible).

She spotted me on the very next day while I was trying to be invisible and she also started looking for me from that day onwards. This became a routine and some days later I gathered enough courage and called on her landline.

She picked up, I said I like you !!

This was it “she went on mute for me from that day for almost a year”

I thought to myself may be I was reading her wrong, she doesn’t care for me and only playing with my emotions. Lot of negative thoughts took over and I started trying to erase her from my life.

In between this one year lots of things changed. I cleared engineering entrance exams and out of anger selected a college 1000 miles away. Got busy in my college studies, ragging, friends, and hostel life.

We didn’t spoke for almost a year and I thought everything is over.

One day out of blue I received a call from her elder sister. She said “I Love you” and projected her feelings to me which I immediately denied.

 Charu called me through her cousin sister and my God she was taking a test and I passed with flying colors. Was on top of the world that day as she called up and wanted to be my friend forever. I sat on that night in my room and thought to myself, wow, now there is a chance that she might come actually in my life or if I am lucky enough, she can be my wife as well.

These talks, chats and exchange of greeting cards went on for almost a year. This was year 2001 when we didn’t have internet connections at home. We used to throng Cyber Café to chat and mail. These café’s had limited connectivity and were always houseful.

Internet fever was gripping everyone those days. If you wanted to chat for an hour, than half hour used to get wasted for arrival at proper platform and if connectivity is not with you and your PC is getting hanged, than you are gone.

If all these were not proper, than sometimes we would loose the opportunity to speak to each other. The call rates were also very high that time, even you had to pay for incoming calls. It seems like a century ago but memories are still afresh.

In between she chose Nagpur as her study location which was 400 kms away from our hometown. I was still far but she came close to me and more importantly she was living in a hostel, so I was free to talk anytime and there was a possibility of meeting was there now.

We always talked about as friends but there was a thought at the back of my mind that she can be my girlfriend and later my wife. I used to speak to her from a nearby telephone booth for an hour every week. We used to flirt with each other but there was no courage in both of us to speak our hearts out. This went on for 2-3 years and every time i used to loose all my pocket money.

I use to cut my expenses from everywhere else and use the money for my talking time.

We didn’t know when we went on to become more than just friends. Explored each other’s lives and went on to become best friends over phone. Thanks to Alexander Graham Bell and his work as because of him we were together and so close.

We asked each other for a meeting now after all these years of talking. We choose Nagpur and I was supposed to go there after visiting my home for holidays while returning for college. I was super excited and terrified as well. I was shy and reserved type with the fairer sex. On books she was my best friend and deep in my mind she was my girlfriend. Nervousness went sky high. We waited patiently as the meeting day was still far ahead.

We went on talking and planning about the meet and were super excited. Finally the day was near and my holiday started. I started my journey for home from my college.

First time in my life I was waiting for my holiday to end in my hometown. Life is little strange, when you are in love, lots of things changes in your life.

and the story continues……

To be Continued……..

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