Kerala : God’s Own Country

Recently we planned for Kerala vacations and believe me it was just superb!!

Kerala is often referred as God’s Own Country and it’s an apt title. Once you visit Kerala you will feel the tranquility, beauty and natural wonders in length and breadth of the state in the form of mountain ranges, wildlife, backwaters, monument, museums, beautifully carved temples, art galleries and lush green forests.
Located Southwest of India, Kerala is a perfect destination for tourists.

Our starting point was Munnar

A small town and a hill station, Munnar is located in the Southwest of Kerala. Tea plantations, waterfalls, and number of resorts make it a comfortable and beautiful place. National parks and wildlife are other major places you should not miss when you are here.

We started our journey to Munnar from our landed place and it took about 3 hours to reach. We were exhausted but the climate and the enchanting beauty of tea gardens just took us to some other level.

Suddenly we were energized by the god’s best creation!

By the time we got ready, we forgot how much we have traveled to get to this place and how tired we are!!
Some resorts were made just for couples as they were secluded and tranquil. You can not even hear a pin drop sound.

Just you and your partner!!!

It’s the best place to explore each other under the umbrella of nature. There will be nobody except you and you. Not even the waiters will come and disturb you (Lots of Sarcasm on this one). If you are hungry you will have to go and eat. Charges are high as compared to the quality of food. People don’t bother. In-fact nobody will bother you at all.

Good for people like us who are looking for solitude and want to explore wonders of nature.

Two days we had to explore Munnar and believe me we had very little time to explore the place.

Munnar Tea Garden
Munnar Tea Garden
Munnar Tea Garden
Munnar Tea Garden
Munnar Tea Garden
Munnar Tea Garden
Munnar Tea Garden
Munnar Tea Garden

Next stop was Alleppy (Allapuza) also famous for the backwaters.

The Backwaters of Kerala is another important tourist destination in the state. Its made up of the interconnected rivers, lakes and canals which merge into Arabian Sea.

You can hire a houseboat and be in water with beautiful surroundings for days. Whole houseboat is yours, you decide menu and enjoy royalty.

Most of the people who come here are honeymooners and couples and they love it here.

Marari Beach
Marari Beach


Kerala Backwaters
Kerala Backwaters

Next It was Kovalam (light house beach) and this was the best place among all the places visited. Its setting is unique and I never saw it earlier. There is a dead end after which the walk lane starts. One side its sea and other side resorts. In fact I never saw this kind of setting ever in my life.

A beach town on the Arabian Sea in southern India, Kovalam features two most gorgeous beaches. The most popular and largest beach is Lighthouse Beach (crowded) and Samudra Beach (fewer people).

Kovalam Beach
Kovalam Beach
Light House Beach
Light House Beach

People here know how to entertain couples but they have failed to understand average Indian traveler with family requirement. I found the resorts as very good with great option for non vegetarians.

Vegetarian guys you need to adjust a lot in Kerala as it seems people here eat only meat and nothing else.

I wish people here start loving animals as they love nature and start working on preserving animals.

One more thing. I guess the most important thing in Kerala. There is a ban in Liquor after some time in 2015 which makes me feel,

Thank god I visited earlier!!!

I think the place has its positives and negatives. Our moto should be to take positives and work towards happiness!!

I feel I had a perfect couple time with my better half!!

Sun Sand and Sea!!!

It was a perfect ending to our 10 day holiday!!

Weekend Gateway Puri

It was a long time since we had a family trip. I was busy in my job, trying to satisfy my bosses. I had no time to think about anything. My day goes with Just official work (Day n Night) which is normally followed by family time which I spent with my little angel. By night we used to get so tired that we don’t even talk to each other properly and try to sleep as early as possible to face the next day

So this routine was going on and on and there was no escape but

Suddenly an offer came from my colleagues to visit a place in the eastern part of India which is known as Puri. It’s a small tourist place in Odisha, India but its certainly not advisable to people to visit in summers. It’s very humid and its high temperature makes it more difficult to discover the place. Although a very beautiful shorelines which can be awesome when you visit from Oct to March.

We started at evening on Thursday night somehow. Courtesy our Indian Railways our train got late and we reached our destination five hours late. Missed chance to see Konark temple as my colleagues started long before we reached Puri. We reached took brunch and rested after which we just visited Jagannath temple.

Jagannath Temple

JagannathTemple is one of the most renowned as well as the biggest temples of Orissa. Established in the 12th century, the temple is dedicated to Lord Jagannath (Lord Krishna), Lord of the Universe. The credit for laying the foundation of the Jagannath temple of Puri goes to Raja Ananta Varman Chodaganga Dev.

There is an interesting legend associated with the Jagannatha temple of Puri. It is said that King Indradyumna, the ruler of the territory, saw Lord Jagannath in his dreams and following the Lord’s wishes, as told to him in his dreams, he got the JagannathPuriTemple constructed. The pillars that provide support to the temple are adorned with pictures depicting the life of Lord Krishna.

It was chaos in temple and it seemed everybody just wants money in the name of god which I despise most.

Anyway it was a beautiful feeling to meet the almighty in his one unique and beautiful form. It was peaceful and at the end of all the chaos it was worth visiting.

We left for beach and we were in for surprise. There we so many things to do. There were eateries, children games, camel ride, shopping for almost everything ranging from diamonds and pearls to balloons and pins at much cheaper cost than original.

We enjoyed sea in one of the most ferocious form and loved it. My two year old son experiencing sea for the first time and he was terrified by the sound and sight of it. He was awestruck and clung to me the whole time.

There was high tide next morning and we played for around two hours with the waves resulted in extreme exhaustion. At the end we were outplayed by the mighty sea and slept like anything after bath and breakfast.

We stayed at night in Puri and left early morning to Chilka Lake for boating and to watch dolphins.

Chilka Lake is Asia’s largest brackish water lagoon with water spread ranging from 1165 sq km m the rainy season to 906 sq km in the dry season is nestled in the heart of the coastal Odisha (Orissa). Chilika is recognized as one of the most important wetlands in the world because it is home to a phenomenal variety of birds with over 160 species.



We saw lots of dolphins around our boat. The lake looked like sea and the waves were equally threatening. It seemed the lake is several meters deep until I saw a fisherman standing in the sea. We were amazed. The lake was just 5-6 feet deep in the pics which I took. Can you believe it? I couldn’t until I saw with my eyes.

At the end of trip we thought the timing was wrong as in May its very hot and humid the day and much more cool at night.

One thing which surprisingly came out from this trip was that we had a great time being together and talk about things which we generally don’t talk when in home and around. Hold each other’s hand and walk along without thinking about our daily routine jobs. I feel after a long time we looked in to each other’s eyes and expressed our love for each other. Our little 2 year old was surprisingly in a very good mood and left us in to each other’s company without creating havoc which he generally does. We spent lot of time together and that was the most important thing on this trip.

My advice to people “Please take a break from your routine and go to any place you like. It does not matter where. The most important thing is that you should be together and spend quality time”   100_3131

From Couple to a Family !!!

We make some life changing decisions in life, being parent is one of them. Took this decision after two years of our marriage. In these two years we did everything we wanted and went to some of the most beautiful places where a couple should go and spend time together. We were living a dream, a dream which we saw when we were kids.

We knew raising a kid was tough but didn’t know it will change our life forever. Anyway we took the decision and executed it soon. Life was really tough for me as a husband in the 9 months of my wife’s pregnancy.

Economy was in bad shape, prices were touching sky, Inflation was on a mission towards moon and life was really tough in every sense. My economical condition took a plunge downwards with medical bills and my wife’s unusual demands, had to work hard in day at office serving office boss and after office hours it was all home minister’s work. There was no “me” time, no travel, no street food, no late night movies, no getting drunk, no romance but certainly there were enough “YES” which made me feel good and be positive about life.

Somehow these nine months passed and the D Day came. We went to see doctor and she said the very next day we will try for a natural delivery. My better half and me went for a date, had our most liked food on that evening and spent a wonderful time together thinking about the consequences day after.

Next morning I took my wife to the hospital and admitted her. It was a tense time for both of us as my kid was adamant for not coming out and changed positions inside my wife’s tummy. I guess he was comfortable inside and didn’t wanted to come out and it was difficult for doctors to bring my kid out in a natural manner.

After trying for the whole day doctors gave in. They decided to operate after an hour and this was it. I got tensed and called up everybody from my family there. They took my wife to the operation theater and I got tensed again this time and believe me it was intense this time. There was a fear inside me about the probable events that can occur. I prayed to god and continuously wandered here and there near the OT.

After an hour doctor called me inside the OT. I was nervous and tensed, entered inside the door and got the news “Congratulations it’s a Boy” I asked immediately about my wife and found out she was okay. The happiness was beginning to come with a grin over my face . Nurse took me to one side of the OT where I met my baby for the first time.


Everybody left me there to be with my baby. I messaged my parents waiting outside about the events occurred and went close to the little angel who had just entered in to our world.

I stood there in one corner and couldn’t kept my eyes away from him unable to sink in the happiness which swept all over me. Didn’t believed I was looking at my son. It was a miracle. I was smiling like anything and was continuously looking at my son. He woke up and made small movements with his eyes and hands and I fell in love with him.

Nurses took him to a room where everybody came, wished each other and later my wife came in with lots of pain due to operation. After some time she came in her senses and took our son in her hands and forgot everything. Just smiled and kept smiling. I stayed with her and my son for night and couldn’t slept as my son was getting awake and crying every 2 hours. That was the only time when I felt happy about my son getting up and crying at night.

It was 10-11-10. It was a day to remember and after two years I can still feel the excitement which I had during that time. Its an amazing feeling which only a parent can understand and nobody else. One of the best time of anybody’s life. I love being a father ever-since and loved my little one with all the love I have.