My first game of Golf

It seems like a dream come true. Golf was a complex game for me since childhood which had different types of sticks, funny names, beautiful balls and number of holes.

I never understood the game and thought why people waste 3-4 hours to complete the game and in between eat twice and sometimes thrice while walking around the bush. Although golf has lots of beautiful landscapes in some of the finest clubs I have ever seen, still the game was not attractive enough and never appealed to me.

I joined my current company in year 2006. I was entrusted with the responsibility of managing a product display booth during a company sponsored senior golf game in one of the best clubs in eastern India. It was pretty boring as there were only old guys coming to my stall after their game. It was a three day event and I was really bored with nothing to do. The only respites were beer sessions after the game. I had to wake up at 4 in cold December month to reach the club by 5. Waking up early is a curse for me. I just can’t get up early and I hated it. The year went by with the event got over and subsequently 3-4 years with no involvement in golf at all.

A mail came to me one fine day for a golf training sessions and I said yes to it as some of my close friends were also joining it. We reached the training area were given some info with some hands on training. This started a bit of enthu in me about the game.

After few months I was in the organizing committee for a golf event and on the second day when every team had teed off, we started our first game to be on safer side. This was accidental as we got the kit along with caddy from the club free of cost, courtesy our great golfer friend and colleague.

We started 4 ball game with 2 of us had no experience and the other 2 had few games experience. Started tee off with a ground shot made me nervous at start but thanks to my caddy who gave wonderful tips which in turn boosted my confidence and my shots started going in the right directions with good elevations. 1st two holes were like a dream with perfect scores and picked the game very well.

DSC_1915 Tolly 2 tolly1

Some blunders of the day,

1. One of our teammate had lost 8 balls in that game. He was always on the woods.
2. Lots of ground shots were played which later caused lots of back and shoulder pain.  I was unable to move properly for the next 3 days.
3. Twice a major hit to the other golfer missed. Thankfully, but we learned some safety aspects.
4. Sand bunkers were really irritating and caused 3-4 extra shots as we were unable to get the perfect elevation.
5. Score cards looked very funny as it had all kinds of numbers.
6. The 18 hole game was completed in record 6 hours and we all failed terribly in most of the areas.
7. Our caddies were also exhausted and irritated as we wanted to play 18 holes after 9 holes of failure.
8. Huge bunch of grass were unearthed that day with all our sticks going green. Thank god club people were all busy in arrangements of lunch.
9. Last few holes were toughest as we were exhausted and unable to walk.
10. We laughed like anything on each other and I guess this day will be remembered as the laughing day other than my first game.

Liking for the game started after completion of the game. I finally understood its not just about hitting balls. It’s about skills, strategy, patience, courage, competition and much more. Had few more decent games after that and started loving it. Now if you ask me about it, I will say Golf is one of the best game in the world and I love it.

Hoping for more to come !!!!