Split Personality of a Man


We have heard a lot about split personality but every one of us live in various worlds and adjust ourselves in the same. We wander around between these worlds and try to make balance all the time.

In short we all get fucked up while doing above.

Here are some phases of my life where I feel I am not who I pretend to be.

I remember when we were kids we behaved in certain manner set by our parents and society. I remember mom and dad telling me about good bad and ugly things and follow their instructions on everything. We knew what is expected by people around us for us. We were good kids. Our parents tried everything to inculcate good habits in us.

Everybody grows up. We all did and started looking for a certain direction in life. Teenage life gave lot of meaning to life. U start questions on the set social standards. U question ur parents and sometimes argue with them. Try out various things especially negative ones. U chase girls, have affairs, bunk classes, play all day, sleep, watch TV all day, make fun of people around u, ridicule teachers, make lifelong friends and experience whatever ur mind can think of. This is a great life and u have a completely different personality which is not made up and is completely natural.

But this life is still restricted in certain manner as u are still dependent and live with ur parents.

We grown further and went to college. Came out of our parents control, became independent and Make exceptionally good friends. This is a place we showed our true colors to the world, studied, behaved exactly the way we thought and did everything we wanted. Make girlfriends and get serious ultimately in this phase.

Wait !!! Getting Serious ????

This is a biggest turn around in everybody’s life. When u do such mistake u let ur life being controlled by somebody else. Ur personality gets altered. U start behaving in some manner which is not you at all. Although u enjoy ur love life like anything and enjoy this change.

When you get engaged and later married u start behaving as if u got the whole world. U start earning, become independent, get the love of ur life and start a family.

In this phase you are not what you are. You become responsible which you are not, dedicated to your family well being, your morals changes, you look people differently (Only guys can relate to this), your priority in life changes and you have time for everybody except yourself.

I guess we all live in these phases which is funny and at the same time going to disastrous circumstances which we all know and understand but still go for it.

We love adventures. Isn’t it ?