Being a Parent : Blessing in Disguise


Its 5 am right now and I am in train, sitting and writing this. My kid has spoilt my night. He is a free spirited kid, doesn’t like restrictions. Love to roam around in bed and definitely does not like noises while he is in deep slumber. Trains are all opposite in India. I was thinking of my fellow blogger “Teeny Bikini” post “6 Reasons not to have kids” and was getting in to the nitty gritties of it. Seriously one part of mind is saying that there are more than 1000 reasons “not to have kids” but other part still loves the fatherhood. It’s awesome for not getting irritated after this kind of bad night, There are cramps in my body due to sleeping in such confined place that too along with my son and still love is emanating from my heart. Its little strange but true.

In reality, I have loved being a father since the birth of my son 2 years ago.

  • Had many sleepless nights. In fact some nights have cried along with him out of tiredness, sleep deprivation and irritation. Some nights were even worse when I am out of the world in the couch and my kid is playing all over me.
  • Expenses have gone up steep upwards. In fact there is no bank balance now days. I have seen six figures on my account when I was a bachelor.  In fact wife also reduces the digits on your back account straight away.
  • Sex life is all F@?! Up. I and my wife are always tired every time, anytime of the day.  We don’t have time for even taking a proper bath, not even together.  What a life yaar!!!
  • As a couple we have not gone on a long trip to any place. In the mean time we have tried several short trips and it was okay. One long trip was a disaster, so we have not dared to venture on that territory again.
  • Never been on a romantic date with my wife in the last 2 years. In fact romance is out of our life soon after our kid was born. No candle light, no movie, no long drives, no ice-cream parties without headache.
  • Always looking for ” me time”  as I don’t get it. I had loved watching movies and TV sitting lazily in the couch. That’s a history now days. I am always outside for my official work and when I am home I am on duty for my wife and my kid. So basically I am working 18*7.
  • You wouldn’t believe before my kid people used to tease me that I don’t get angry at all. I am a cool type, the image I was okay with. Now you can call me an angry not so young man and my wife despises this as she is the one who bears the brunt and gives me equal and opposite reactions.
  • Have not slept well since a long time, seems to be an era. I and my wife were known as sleeping beauties through all our life. In-fact, after we were married, we were always late to our respective offices due to over sleeping. Our milkman, maid used to complain of ringing bell number of times while we were asleep. I used to love that but now I cant sleep more than 8 hours which is normal but abnormal for us and we don’t like it.

Actually the list goes on and on it but I don’t want to commit a second mistake ever in my life. One kid is more than enough for a life time. I wonder how people can take care of more than one. I have seen people holding world record in this category and I praise them for this dare but at the same time prey for their well being.

Still if you would ask me how you feel after taking a kid. I would say I love it and advise couple to have atleast 1 kid. You know what is so special about this love? I am sure all the parents would agree with me on this.

  • You will forget everything when your kid smiles at you for whatever reasons in the planet and you would want to love him back.
  • When he/she says “papaa” your life will go upside down and you will feel on top of the world. Its an awesome feeling.
  • When your kid holds your hand while he/she is attempting something new is a beautiful feeling and you would want that to happen over and over again. After some time your kid will also say enough dad, I am ok now, you need to let me go.
  • When your kid wants to play with you when you are tensed, you will forget everything about the tension and will start enjoying the play.
  • When your kid insists you to take him/her out. You will leave all important jobs and leave. You would want to make your son/daughter happy.
  • When your kid cries for something, looks at you in desperation to hold him and suddenly you will feel the most important person in the whole world.

The list goes on and on for this category as well. In fact it’s like 2 side of a coin. Both sides are relevant at the end of the day you can have only one side.

There are pros and cons of being a parent. You need to decide weather you want to be happy or you want to happy and responsible as well. I opted for the second one and I love it after these 2 years. I guess now I will have my freedom as well along with the great feeling of being a parent.

Here’s is me n my little one….

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