Wife !!!

She wakes up early in morning, makes home, bed, herself and everything else tidy. She makes sure the breakfast is proper and according to the man of the house. After all this is done, she wakes up the man and the kid of the house.

The kid is okay now after the milk and the man is also comfortable with the tea or coffee along with the newspaper. She is still busy instructing the maids about all the household chores while getting ready her-self and planning for the day.

She makes little one ready for school and the man for office. She works all through the day at her office and picks up the little one in the evening and still strong she goes on and on.

She is Wife!!!

I adore her,

  • When she says with a smile “How was your day?” after a long day of my office, meanwhile she has handled all day the small little kid, her office and home.
  • After all this she has gone through, she offers a cup of tea or coffee with some snacks and talks about the day.
  • She plans for the rest of the evening while the man watches TV, works at home and play with the naughty one.
  • She makes sure that the naughty one and the man eats proper food with sufficient nutrition and takes care of them all the time.
  • She always wants to talk about the day and when the man say’s “I am too tired” she takes care of him.
  • She fulfills the desires of the man physically and emotionally, makes everything tidy again and sleeps.
  • Wakes up again the day is same again.

She is superhuman, she is gorgeous, she is a workaholic, she is a social animal, and she makes my day, my life every day, every moment.

I love my wife for everything she has given me all my life till today and she is still hungry and not finished. I guess I am lucky to have such wife who is a perfect mix of beauty with brains. She makes up my world and a very good one as well.

I wonder sometimes why a man does not understand their wife, why they complain of their wives every time, why they does not take care of them.  I have no answers to all these questions and advise people to take of their wives as there is a great saying “When wife is happy, everything is perfect. When she is not, everything is F-Up”.

Tips to make the better half happy ?

  • Gift her a box of chocolates, 99 % wives loves chocolates and forgets everything after getting them, specially from husbands,
  • Tell her you love her all the time, especially when she is upset. This is required to reassure her that you are still in love with her after so many years of marriage.
  • Send her flowers when you are not in home. She will think that even u are out of house you are still thinking about her.
  • Take her out on a date and talk about the old days when you got attracted to each other. In short your good old days.
  • Gift her small gifts. This will surely make her happy and you don’t have to spend on expensive gifts at one go.
  • Never shout on her. She will remember this every time she fights with you afterwards and the fight gets escalated further.
  • Never ever talk negatively on her relatives. She will make sure that you are never able to talk about the same again and also this will come up on almost every fight afterwards followed by heavy tear-fall.
  • Never forget important dates, specially her birthday and anniversary or she will make sure that you never forget these all important events in your whole life. There is no harm if you forget your own birthday.
  • Always try to find out work in home and do it before she does it and curse you of lethargy, reading newspapers and watching TV. She hates it when you overlook work visible in the house and indulge on these petty things.
  • Make sure you complement her on every new thing which she does to herself. Even a small thing like changing her earrings. Also complements like “you are looking good” or “your hair feels so soft” e.t.c.
  • Cook for her, even though you are a pathetic cook and she will love you like anything and it may happen that you get good food in the house atleast for a week.
  • At times take her for a Ice-cream date and long drive. She loves going to long drives only with you and talk about stuffs.
  • Don’t forget your towels and other clothes here and there. Remember there are proper places for these kinds of items.
  • Never argue with her. Say you are right. I was so wrong about this and that. Say sorry immediately. Remember you don’t have ego in you. You have lost it when you got married.
  • Always plan and go. Don’t go and plan. She hates it when she is on to something without a plan.
  • Never comment on home made food. She does not like it at all. Always complement her on her cooking skills. She will feel great.
  • Develop a good listening skill. It helps.

Any more suggestion guys ? ?