Split Personality of a Man


We have heard a lot about split personality but every one of us live in various worlds and adjust ourselves in the same. We wander around between these worlds and try to make balance all the time.

In short we all get fucked up while doing above.

Here are some phases of my life where I feel I am not who I pretend to be.

I remember when we were kids we behaved in certain manner set by our parents and society. I remember mom and dad telling me about good bad and ugly things and follow their instructions on everything. We knew what is expected by people around us for us. We were good kids. Our parents tried everything to inculcate good habits in us.

Everybody grows up. We all did and started looking for a certain direction in life. Teenage life gave lot of meaning to life. U start questions on the set social standards. U question ur parents and sometimes argue with them. Try out various things especially negative ones. U chase girls, have affairs, bunk classes, play all day, sleep, watch TV all day, make fun of people around u, ridicule teachers, make lifelong friends and experience whatever ur mind can think of. This is a great life and u have a completely different personality which is not made up and is completely natural.

But this life is still restricted in certain manner as u are still dependent and live with ur parents.

We grown further and went to college. Came out of our parents control, became independent and Make exceptionally good friends. This is a place we showed our true colors to the world, studied, behaved exactly the way we thought and did everything we wanted. Make girlfriends and get serious ultimately in this phase.

Wait !!! Getting Serious ????

This is a biggest turn around in everybody’s life. When u do such mistake u let ur life being controlled by somebody else. Ur personality gets altered. U start behaving in some manner which is not you at all. Although u enjoy ur love life like anything and enjoy this change.

When you get engaged and later married u start behaving as if u got the whole world. U start earning, become independent, get the love of ur life and start a family.

In this phase you are not what you are. You become responsible which you are not, dedicated to your family well being, your morals changes, you look people differently (Only guys can relate to this), your priority in life changes and you have time for everybody except yourself.

I guess we all live in these phases which is funny and at the same time going to disastrous circumstances which we all know and understand but still go for it.

We love adventures. Isn’t it ? 

Love is in the Air


I was wondering the other day what love means to us and how it transforms itself from one form to another after you tie the knot.

I mean love is entirely different when you are young and carefree but it has different meaning altogether when you become responsible after marriage and starts working

Me and my wife were poles apart when we were dating !!

She used to be the sophisticated  bold, happening, beautiful, topper in her stream and most sought after type

And I,

An average looking, shy, down to earth and just acceptable to society type

We were not matched for each other at all but who can deny fate. It has great powers to bring two unmatched individuals to become one.

I always believed that she was the one made for me but was sure she can never be mine. She was way out of my league but I guess I was in to the league of extraordinary gentleman.

As I wrote fate has its own way we fell in love, she liked my simplicity and I loved her attitude n beautiful heart.

We were madly in love when we dated in our student lives.

For us love meant,

  • Talking for hours
  • Sending hugs, kisses, flowers, cards sms, mails
  • Thinking all sorts of things about each other and smile
  • Explore each other
  • Looking in each other eyes and smile like there is nothing else in the world to make us happy.
  • Singing songs to each other
  • Letting the frustration out of each other after the hard day and become serene
  • Go on dates and explore  restaurants, park and picnic spots all over the city.

Now we are married and things changed. We have a small 2 year old kid in our family. She is taking care of all of us and I am the earning member with very little help at home.

Some time she says you are not the person I loved when we were younger.

I believe I am still the same but circumstances changed. We are both busy and always running around to make a living and taking care of our son.

I feel we are still in love but love has entirely new meanings in our lives.

I feel love is in the air when,

  • U ask me how was my day after a hard day and showers ur love and care on me.
  • Kiss me good night and smile before we sleep
  • Arrange everything for me and remind me always to take care of myself in unique new ways.
  • We always try to find our time and when we get it we  sleep in each other’s arms due to exhaustion
  • We hold hand in hand or lie next to each other and talk about our day
  • We try to find reasons to celebrate and talk about our college day adventures
  • We help each other with the daily chores and sometimes go extra mile to keep each other happy.
  • We play around with our 2 year old, dance on songs and laugh together on stupid things

I think there are more than enough reasons which makes me think I m deeply, madly, passionately and truly in love with you and wanna spend the rest of my life with u.

Each progressing day makes me think how much I love u and care for you but don’t get the time to express myself like I use to do when we were dating.

Life is just awesome with you !!!!

Me and My Better Half


Husband wife relationship is unique but full of surprises. It has lots of sexy curves but unfortunately some goes downwards.

I am married for five years now and feel I have more or less understood my better half but She gives me shocks after shocks and I keep wondering what’s cooking and coming next.

You can share anything with your wife without even thinking except about other fairer sex.

If you do so by mistake, she will make sure you listen and get in back foot all your life in every arguments.

You can’t even talk about them or can’t see them. The result is always same.

You are screwed.

I have an habit of keeping things out of place like towel,news paper as per my convenience which I guess every normal man has.

First I got instructed for keeping things in place.

Later I was scolded

And Now

I am screwed every time I make this type of mistake.

I am sure after few years I will be hanged such stupid mistakes.

So I live in fear and make sure there is no outburst from my side, so that everything is cool and calm.

Expectations has no boundaries in married life.

Initially I was expected to keep things organised n tidy which I started doing to avoid arguments.

Later she wanted me to do few household chores along with keeping things organised and tidy.

When I started doing both

She said I don’t compliment her these days.

She gets irritated if she has left an empty bottle for me to fill and I don’t do it


I have overlooked a stain somewhere which otherwise she will tell me or will do it on her own

I guess its her mood so I keep my mouth shut and do whatever she says.

Always expects some thing or the other which I don’t get it on my own for obvious reasons and need to be told.

I think its best for man to be calm and cool at these times  and do what she says. Its just few minutes of pain.

Result : Peace at home and mind for a much longer time than you expected. Hours of gain.

Anger has its own place in our lives with different meanings

She can display it anytime with reasons attributed to external factors but I am not allowed to show at all as it hurts her and she feels deep pain in her heart.

Anger towards the kid can be increased or decreased based on her mood or due to our arguments and when I tell her to stop

She keeps getting angry at all sorts of people who are distantly relative to us and when I say why do u care and spoiling your mood.

She says I don’t care for her.

I remember when we started dating I used give her enough time and whatever money I had for her shopping.

There was no home, no car and my expenses were minimal as I was living alone.

Now my salary tripled but major chunk goes to EMI’s and what’s left spent in for household expenses.

She says I am changed after marriage as I don’t have time and enough money for shopping.

I am told to stop her when she thinks of buying anything even slightly expensive by her own self.

I do that all the time

She says you don’t allow me to buy anything.

You have changed.

I am always on my toes to keep my behavior against social limits.

She does take care of our kid very well but expects me to handle few things without saying.
A difficult one as I don’t understand when her mood is off. When is she expecting me to do and what ?

I think the list goes on and doesn’t end till the end of our lives. The problems has no ending but we all try to go on with it.

Life is so simple but we all try to make it complicated and complex. We end up fighting with each other for petty issues

Few Indian Men !!

I chose this topic as I wanted the world to know that few Indian Men are one of the best breed on this earth. A rarity not available anywhere else but only in India. While most of the Indian men are making this country’s life miserable, some men like us are trying to clean the shit these people are spreading.

I am talking about one special kind of men who have specifications and features with special abilities. Few excerpts,

  • The men believe in living with parents and taking care of them from the day they start earning. They are very close to their parents and believe in living close to them physically as well. I went out of home when I started college and lived for 13 years outside but at the end came to a city very near to my folks abode and I am loving it.
  • We believe in traditions and try to adapt to the environments which has been created by our people from very old time. Now I have seen that people are trying to reject the negative things and adapting the positive ones from other cultures.
  • There are some people who still believe in arrange marriages and think that their parents will choose best for them. We are not that kind anymore. Love marriages are very common these days and people prefer a mix of modern and traditional partners who are bound by a  set by society and live in it, raise kids and live happily (although with lots of ups and downs)
  • Our kind still work hard (6 days a week) and take care of home, kids and wife as well. We can cook well, raise kids and do all kind of work required at home.
  • We party like there is no tomorrow but responsibly; never get out of control as there is always thinking at the back of our mind that we have responsibility in form of our kids and wife along with parents. This is the reason why we like to party at home where we can get drunk and have fun as much as we want.
  • We try to spend lots of time with our family. Close Friends are connected by phone and internet only but sometimes when we meet once in 6 months of year we try to make most of it. There is no place for fake friends but neighbors are always there for company. We love to mingle with people and make really good friends.
  • Our life has not heard a word “rest” as we are always busy, especially on Sunday’s taking care of home issues. We are autobots of Real Steel, programmed for everything, not interest in social life, me time. We are always busy for others around us.
  • We don’t believe in breakups, divorces and spoiling relations. We try to adjust ourselves and keep pushing for things to work out amongst us. In short we believe in making healthy relationships not spoiling them for pity issues out of indifference, egos and attitudes.
  • Our wife’s are really our better half. They take care of us and with us all the time, in every decision and most of all support and protect us. They dedicate their lives to their family but party hard when it comes to give a company to their husbands.
  • Our forefathers have made few mistakes such as considering women as the weaker gender, man: head of family, idiotic traditions binding us all e.t.c. We Indian men have a lot to clean up and we are trying every day to set things in order to make a better society.

I guess the list goes on and on but we Indian men are trying everything to sort things out and make our life simple and easy to live in the society. We expect our future generations to live in a free country where there are no boundaries and a place where there is no body telling what to do and what not to.

Let’s hope the day comes when all of us believe in these things and make life beautiful for ourselves as well for others.



From Couple to a Family !!!

We make some life changing decisions in life, being parent is one of them. Took this decision after two years of our marriage. In these two years we did everything we wanted and went to some of the most beautiful places where a couple should go and spend time together. We were living a dream, a dream which we saw when we were kids.

We knew raising a kid was tough but didn’t know it will change our life forever. Anyway we took the decision and executed it soon. Life was really tough for me as a husband in the 9 months of my wife’s pregnancy.

Economy was in bad shape, prices were touching sky, Inflation was on a mission towards moon and life was really tough in every sense. My economical condition took a plunge downwards with medical bills and my wife’s unusual demands, had to work hard in day at office serving office boss and after office hours it was all home minister’s work. There was no “me” time, no travel, no street food, no late night movies, no getting drunk, no romance but certainly there were enough “YES” which made me feel good and be positive about life.

Somehow these nine months passed and the D Day came. We went to see doctor and she said the very next day we will try for a natural delivery. My better half and me went for a date, had our most liked food on that evening and spent a wonderful time together thinking about the consequences day after.

Next morning I took my wife to the hospital and admitted her. It was a tense time for both of us as my kid was adamant for not coming out and changed positions inside my wife’s tummy. I guess he was comfortable inside and didn’t wanted to come out and it was difficult for doctors to bring my kid out in a natural manner.

After trying for the whole day doctors gave in. They decided to operate after an hour and this was it. I got tensed and called up everybody from my family there. They took my wife to the operation theater and I got tensed again this time and believe me it was intense this time. There was a fear inside me about the probable events that can occur. I prayed to god and continuously wandered here and there near the OT.

After an hour doctor called me inside the OT. I was nervous and tensed, entered inside the door and got the news “Congratulations it’s a Boy” I asked immediately about my wife and found out she was okay. The happiness was beginning to come with a grin over my face . Nurse took me to one side of the OT where I met my baby for the first time.


Everybody left me there to be with my baby. I messaged my parents waiting outside about the events occurred and went close to the little angel who had just entered in to our world.

I stood there in one corner and couldn’t kept my eyes away from him unable to sink in the happiness which swept all over me. Didn’t believed I was looking at my son. It was a miracle. I was smiling like anything and was continuously looking at my son. He woke up and made small movements with his eyes and hands and I fell in love with him.

Nurses took him to a room where everybody came, wished each other and later my wife came in with lots of pain due to operation. After some time she came in her senses and took our son in her hands and forgot everything. Just smiled and kept smiling. I stayed with her and my son for night and couldn’t slept as my son was getting awake and crying every 2 hours. That was the only time when I felt happy about my son getting up and crying at night.

It was 10-11-10. It was a day to remember and after two years I can still feel the excitement which I had during that time. Its an amazing feeling which only a parent can understand and nobody else. One of the best time of anybody’s life. I love being a father ever-since and loved my little one with all the love I have.

Wife !!!

She wakes up early in morning, makes home, bed, herself and everything else tidy. She makes sure the breakfast is proper and according to the man of the house. After all this is done, she wakes up the man and the kid of the house.

The kid is okay now after the milk and the man is also comfortable with the tea or coffee along with the newspaper. She is still busy instructing the maids about all the household chores while getting ready her-self and planning for the day.

She makes little one ready for school and the man for office. She works all through the day at her office and picks up the little one in the evening and still strong she goes on and on.

She is Wife!!!

I adore her,

  • When she says with a smile “How was your day?” after a long day of my office, meanwhile she has handled all day the small little kid, her office and home.
  • After all this she has gone through, she offers a cup of tea or coffee with some snacks and talks about the day.
  • She plans for the rest of the evening while the man watches TV, works at home and play with the naughty one.
  • She makes sure that the naughty one and the man eats proper food with sufficient nutrition and takes care of them all the time.
  • She always wants to talk about the day and when the man say’s “I am too tired” she takes care of him.
  • She fulfills the desires of the man physically and emotionally, makes everything tidy again and sleeps.
  • Wakes up again the day is same again.

She is superhuman, she is gorgeous, she is a workaholic, she is a social animal, and she makes my day, my life every day, every moment.

I love my wife for everything she has given me all my life till today and she is still hungry and not finished. I guess I am lucky to have such wife who is a perfect mix of beauty with brains. She makes up my world and a very good one as well.

I wonder sometimes why a man does not understand their wife, why they complain of their wives every time, why they does not take care of them.  I have no answers to all these questions and advise people to take of their wives as there is a great saying “When wife is happy, everything is perfect. When she is not, everything is F-Up”.

Tips to make the better half happy ?

  • Gift her a box of chocolates, 99 % wives loves chocolates and forgets everything after getting them, specially from husbands,
  • Tell her you love her all the time, especially when she is upset. This is required to reassure her that you are still in love with her after so many years of marriage.
  • Send her flowers when you are not in home. She will think that even u are out of house you are still thinking about her.
  • Take her out on a date and talk about the old days when you got attracted to each other. In short your good old days.
  • Gift her small gifts. This will surely make her happy and you don’t have to spend on expensive gifts at one go.
  • Never shout on her. She will remember this every time she fights with you afterwards and the fight gets escalated further.
  • Never ever talk negatively on her relatives. She will make sure that you are never able to talk about the same again and also this will come up on almost every fight afterwards followed by heavy tear-fall.
  • Never forget important dates, specially her birthday and anniversary or she will make sure that you never forget these all important events in your whole life. There is no harm if you forget your own birthday.
  • Always try to find out work in home and do it before she does it and curse you of lethargy, reading newspapers and watching TV. She hates it when you overlook work visible in the house and indulge on these petty things.
  • Make sure you complement her on every new thing which she does to herself. Even a small thing like changing her earrings. Also complements like “you are looking good” or “your hair feels so soft” e.t.c.
  • Cook for her, even though you are a pathetic cook and she will love you like anything and it may happen that you get good food in the house atleast for a week.
  • At times take her for a Ice-cream date and long drive. She loves going to long drives only with you and talk about stuffs.
  • Don’t forget your towels and other clothes here and there. Remember there are proper places for these kinds of items.
  • Never argue with her. Say you are right. I was so wrong about this and that. Say sorry immediately. Remember you don’t have ego in you. You have lost it when you got married.
  • Always plan and go. Don’t go and plan. She hates it when she is on to something without a plan.
  • Never comment on home made food. She does not like it at all. Always complement her on her cooking skills. She will feel great.
  • Develop a good listening skill. It helps.

Any more suggestion guys ? ?

Husband – Wife Relationship ???

The most complicated relationships of all, Husband-Wife relationship. Till today nobody has able to solve the mystery of this typical yet beautiful relationship. I was told by people, when I was getting married, you will see dear that after 1 year of your marriage, you will feel that whatever you wanted in your life is not there. It does not even exist. Life will become monotonous and dull. Love will be history and you will be drowned in the day-to-day activities of life. You will be amazed and horrified to see the power of “The Female” in your life.

After I got married and successfully completed two and half years, still I listen from people those same old stories. I wonder how people make such comments and laugh. I laugh at them and say guys, I am the one who not only loves his wife, even after 2.5 years of marriage, but at the same time beautifully carrying out the responsibilities of a husband. I dont say I do everything perfectly but at least I give it a try and makes this relationship as beautiful as possible.

Life is very complicated and we “so called civilized people” make this life and specially this relationship complicated. Simplicity is the best policy. It gives you positive results. We forget life is much more than just maintaining this relationship. There are so many things to do together.

The funda is very simple, try to understand your spouse and act accordingly. I have been in love for 10 years with my childhood girlfriend before I got married to her. I have tried and tested some relationship formulas, which I had prepared, and was successfull most of the time.

Maintaining good and healthy relationship requires 2 things, Commitment and an element of surprise. If you have both that you are master of any relationship. You need to mix few elements here and there and you will see that things are falling in place. Your spouse is happy with you, less complaints and better living conditions at home (there is no place for perfect relationship as it does not exist).

I have tried to understand my better half all my life and still I am learning new things about her everyday. Sometimes I get negative results, even if my formula was successful last time. Actually there is not fixed formula for this. You need to think out of the box every time mixing the elements here and there. You need to remember, try doing things differently every time, all the time. This makes life beautiful and relationships better and stronger. You will see the difference yourself and will not regret some extra time being spent on thinking and doing things for your spouse.

The relationship problems between husband and wife can be seen in the light of the following relationship complications:

  • Too many expectations – Having too many unreasonable expectations from your spouse. Nobody is perfect, so why expect your life partner to be so. You should think highly of your spouse but they are human with their own tendencies to make a mistake. Try to avoid keeping your expectations too high.
  • Good and Regular Physical Relationship : One should exercise regular sexual encounters with spouse and be open about it. If this is not exercised, there is bound to be problems.
  • Conflicts – Do not jump into conclusions about the relationship every time you have a conflict. There are ways to resolve it, and the best of which is allowing time to pass.
  • Anger : Never let anger to take over in the relationship. Start counting numbers when u r in anger.
  • No compromise – Not willing to compromise is one of the most prominent causes of conflicts between husband and wife.
  • Male ego – At times, it is the man’s ego that gets the better of even considerations of a happy married life. It affects the relationship in a major way. The wife’s self esteem becomes very low when the male ego comes in between. The distance men can create by this often turns out to be irresolvable.
  • Time spent together – This is one of the critical factors in the success of a husband-wife relationship. You need to balance between the time spent with your partner, and the time you need to spend alone. If your partner enjoys more time with you, make sure you give him or her that. There should be a mutual agreement on this important issue.

Any more suggestions guys ? ? ?